Tutorial how to setup Flutter on Android Studio version 3.1.3.

1) Configure Plugins in Android Studio 2) Install Flutter Plugin 3) Get started: https://flutter.io/ 4) Get started – Install: https://flutter.io/get-started/install/ 5) Download and Install Git for Windows (https://git-scm.com/download/win) 6) Start a new Flutter project 7) Get the Flutter SDK – Download it, unzip it and the place you save it, is the Flutter SDK path!!! (https://storage.googleapis.com/flutter_infra/releases/beta/windows/flutter_windows_v0.7.3-beta.zip) 8) Select Flutter SDK Path (is inside the unzip folder “flutter_windows_v0.8.4-dev”, named “flutter”) 9) Welcome to Flutter 10) Your new Flutter project is successfully created. Link to get started to download Flutter: https://flutter.io/ Link to download Git for Windows and Flutter SDK for Windows: https://flutter.io/setup-windows/ Watch video tutorial:

Tutorial How to Start a new Flutter project in Android Studio

Build Your First Flutter App in Android Studio 3.1.3 Tutorial Hello World! 1) Start a new Flutter project 2) New Flutter Project: Flutter Application 3) New Flutter Application: Configure the new Flutter Application (Project name, Flutter SDK path, Project location, Description) 4) Install SDK 5) Creating Flutter Project 6) Project files 7) Open emulator and run your app. Watch video tutorial:
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