See here the tutorial for creating first Android Project – Hello World in Android Studio 1.4. In this tutorial learn how to create your new Android Virtual Device (AVD) – Emulator in Android Studio version 1.4 (with or without vt-x / HAXM /hardware accelaration) . Steps: Open AVD Manager. Click on Create Virtual Device. Click on New Hardware Profile. Project settings: Device name: My Device Screensize: 3.2 inch Resolution: 320 x 480 px RAM: 250 MB After clicking next you have to choose System Image: Gingerbread – API Level 10 – ABI armeabi – Target Android 2.3.3 Very important: in order to work without vt-x / HAXM /hardware accelaration you have to choose ABI armeabi or armeabi-v7a,  but not x86!!!!! Create your Virtual Device (EMULATOR) in Android Studio 1.4 See here next the tutorial how to Run your app in Android Studio 1.4 with existing Emulator. For further questions leave a message.

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