Complete tutorial for downloading and installing Android Studio version 1.4. 1. Download and install JAVA from here. 2. Download and install JDK 6 or higher from here. 3. Download Android Studio version 1.4 for Windows 8/7/Vista (32 or 64-bit) from here. Follow video tutorial. In video above you will see: 00:00 Download Android Studio 1.4 for Windows 00:28 Installing Android Studio 00:38 Download JDK for Windows (32-bit) 01:04 Installing JDK 01:36 Setting path for JDK 01:44 Setting JAVA_HOME environment variable 02:15 Choosing which components of Android Studio want to install and then install 03:30 Adding and installing SDK Packages 04:44 Congratulations! You have successfully installed Android Studio 🙂 Install Android Studio See in next tutorial Creating first Android Project – Hello World in Android Studio 1.4 For further questions leave a message.

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