Tutorial about how to create your Emulator (Android Virtual Device) or virtual mobile in Android Studio. We open in Android Studio the project “Hello World” created in last tutorial. Click on AVD Manager icon. Android Virtual Device 1 Next click on Create Virtual Device. Android Virtual Device 2 In next window we choose New Hardware Profile. Android Virtual Device 3 In next window write on Device Name: My Device and click on finish. Android Virtual Device 4 In open window we select our device: My Device and click Next. Android Virtual Device 5 In next open window we choose API Level: 10 and click Next. Android Virtual Device 6 Use the default options for next open window and click Finish. Android Virtual Device 7 We select our device from next window and click Launch this AVD in the emulator. Android Virtual Device 8 Our emulator (virtual mobile) will open. Android Virtual Device 9 If we want to run our application using our emulator we click on Run ‘app’ icon. Android Virtual Device 10 Then choose to Launch our emulator and click OK. Android Virtual Device 11 Now our app run on emulator created. Android Virtual Device 12 Watch the video tutorial to create your emulator device in Android Studio:
See in next tutorial how to export your app for installing on mobile devices.
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Cannot launch AVD in emulator.
[11488]:ERROR:./android/qt/qt_setup.cpp:28:Qt library not found at C:\Users\DELL\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\emulator\lib64\qt\lib
Could not launch ‘C:\Users\DELL\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\emulator/qemu/windows-x86_64/qemu-system-armel.exe’: No such file or directory

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