Tutorial about how to create your first project in Android Studio. See here how to instal Android Studio and then open it and select New Project. Hello word in Android StudioClick next. In this example I used “HelloWorld” as the Application name and “first.example.com” as the Company domain. Hello word in Android Studio2Click next. Check Phone and Tablet and Minimum SDK version choose at least API level 9. Hello word in Android Studio3Click next and select Blank Activity with Fragment or Blank Activity. Hello word in Android Studio4 Click next. Use the default options for this first example. Hello word in Android Studio5 Click finish. You finish to create your first project in Android Studio. Download here the project with all files. Download here the application for mobile phone. Watch the video tutorial to create your first project in Android Studio:
See in next tutorial how to run your first application in Emulator using Android Studio. For further questions leave a message.

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